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Moving People

path approved substance abuse treatment services

A Renewed Mind

Provides mental health and addiction services to youth. Appointment needed. 

1946 N 13th St

Toledo, OH 43604


       Cara Rearick

       Mental Health Counselor

       419.720.9247 ext. 133

The Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF)

1100 Jefferson Ave

Toledo, OH 43604


       Sandy Cox

       Clinical Manager


Provides education, rehabilitation, and addiction counseling to people currently incarcerated.

Unison Behavioral Health

544 E Woodruff 

Toledo, OH 43604


       Marsha Elliot

       Director, Mild/Moderate Adult             Services


Provides office and home-based counseling services for youth. Provides substance abuse treatment for youth aged 11-18.

(F-B) Compass

2465 Collingwood Blvd

Toledo, OH 43620



One of the hardest aspects about treating addiction is that it not one-size-fits-all. What makes COMPASS special is that treatment is individualized to meet the needs of each patient. 

Drug Abuse Response Team (DART)

1622 Spielbusch Ave

Toledo, OH 43604


The DART Unit is composed of a Lucas County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant, multiple deputy sheriffs, as well as forensic counselors and officers from other local jurisdictions. Responding to the public health and safety crisis, the DART Unit reaches far beyond their traditional roles as first responders, and has engaged the unit directly with linkage to treatment for victims and their families.

Zepf Center

2005 Ashland Ave

Toledo, OH 43620


       Kathy Didion

       Chief Clinical Officer

       419.841.7701 ext 5

Offers behavioral health care and vocational services to children and adults in Lucas and Wood Counties

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