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non-path approved agencies

1119 Adams St

2nd Floor

Toledo, OH 43604

       Megan Mattimoe, JD

       Executive Director and Senior             Staff Attorney


       855.855.1945 ext 700

Who they serve

All trafficked and exploited persons including minors and adults

General information

Provides holistic, comprehensive, trauma-informed legal services to all trafficked and exploited persons. Provides direct legal services and advocacy for both minors and adults of trafficking; provides technical consultation on trafficking cases; and advocates for policy and legislative initiatives regarding trafficking at the local, state, and federal levels. Can serve as a Guardian ad Litem.

Advocating Opportunity (AO)

1801 Spielbusch Ave

Toledo, OH 43604

       Judge Connie Zemmelman



Lucas County Juvenile Court

Probation, Medication services, detention center, youth treatment center and Court Appointed Special Advocate services for youth. Se habla español.

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